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I'm a CG character animator with roots in sculpture, painting, stop-motion, digital manipulation, and collage.


My artwork reflects a childhood fascination not with life after death, but with the pieces of death that rest beneath everyday life. It is the hidden detritus unearthed from beneath the Bright and Shiny, the bent and broken forms that make up the underpinnings of the world, exhumed and rebuilt with string and paper, and forced to play the part of life once again.



...."everything is about the interaction between me and the surface, and my limitations or experience at that moment. As I work I inevitably break it or destroy it, and then I must fix it, and through that process I learn about what I am doing.....


...if I  let go of the "ego" that makes me want to force it into what I thought it ought to be; if I can do this, the work goes in directions I hadn’t thought of before.  Sure, there is some technique to my work: I may start with a familiar process, but I always feel clumsy because it is not a well-engineered technique, but rather one rooted in a lot of "accidents."

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